“We are awakened to the profound realization that the true pain to liberation is to let go of everything.”

-Jack Kornfield

In a world filled with chaos, demands, and countless expectations, we sometimes lose ourselves. The noise of day-to-day life deafens our inner voice and peace, which can lead to illness, anxiety, and depression. Society has developed a habit of running away from problems or even worse, numbing them with various unnatural substances.

The path to happiness starts from within. Being mindful is the art of living in the moment. It is a path that with some practice can completely transform one into a state of transcendence and tranquility.

So how do you reach a state of complete mindfulness during your vacations? We give you top tips:

The Sound of Silence

 To get the most from your restorative experience, leave your electronics at home, or at least keep them turned off. The artificial light from electronics can affect our circadian rhythm, making restful sleep difficult. Additionally, it is easy to become fixated once again on the stress of the world when you have constant access to the news and Internet. More importantly unplug holidays cannot be experienced without the silent mind. Let go the thoughts that aren’t serving you and make you anxious and restless.

Treat Your Body Like a Temple

As mind needs constant practicing the body isn’t an exception either. Yoga exercises makes your body stronger, more flexible, and surprisingly it lets you become emotionally-balanced and mentally focused.  Moreover regular physical activity can improve your energy levels. Take a further step to take care of your body and keep the healthy diet. Processed foods are high in sugar, which not only puts us at risk for Diabetes, but also affects our minds; sugar crashes can cause anxiety and mood-swings. Additionally, processed and sugary foods live on the acidic side of the scale where illness can be welcomingly invited into our bodies. A diet high in organic whole foods will keep the body in a slightly alkaline state, which can ward off infections, and even prevent diseases, including cancer. It is also important to drink plenty of water to flush out bacteria, as well as to keep our bodies and skin hydrated.

 Just Breathe

Regular breath work is extremely important for the mind and body to relax. Many people give up on meditation shortly after they begin, because they focus so strongly on not allowing thoughts to enter their mind. Meditation is not about force, in fact the opposite is true, meditation is about letting go. Sit wherever you would like, in whatever position makes you comfortable. Count your breaths, listen to your inhales and exhales, listen to the beating of your heart; it is OK if your mind wanders, just gently bring yourself back to the present moment, focusing on breathing. Meditation can be done anywhere, the most important thing is to be kind and forgiving to yourself, you are not in a competition with your mind.

Let us guide you in the exotic country of Georgia, into the world of healing and restoration. Discover the beauty within while discovering it all around!





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