What to expect on a retreat holiday?  The imagination can think up scenarios of you doing 1000 sun salutations and dying of exhaustion OR the romanticism of healthy, calm and contemplative yoga holidays can carry you away.  In reality, it all depends on what you want to get out of your trip. Stress Relief, health kick, weight loss, quiet meditation, little indulgent or a holiday with free time and lots of other activities thrown in. They’re all possible…

One thing is sure: You can expect to get away from the hustle-bustle of everyday life, experience wonderful parts of the world, have the time to go within and recharge your batteries. A real opportunity for growth and relaxation. The retreats are there to simply let you enjoy yourself.

Our holidays take you closer to a state of relaxation and happiness and being in the state of happiness is at the heart of our retreat programs. We combine TRAVEL and HEALING procedures to harmonize your body mind and soul, however all activities are optional, leaving plenty of time for independent adventure or leisure.

When choosing a destination we look for authentic sites, places where the natural world and the human spirit intertwine, which are usually on the water or high in the mountains and are always breathtakingly beautiful. Yoga is not merely a physical practice but a full understanding and respect for all that is living, and where better to explore the living world than in ancient and exotic Georgia?

Take a plunge and join us – we let you discover the beauty within while rediscovering it all around! 🙂


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