When people think of a European getaway, most people immediately think of a week-long romp in Paris, a summer spin through Italy, or a sun-soaked journey to Barcelona. There are others, however, who think outside the box of commonality and look for a destination that is more unique, where a person can disappear into a mystic land of wonder, beauty, and history; where they won’t have to fight through crowds of tourists for every square inch of space on the beach or tussle with eager camera-clicking visitors for the best photo op. There is nothing wrong with leaving the classic vacations behind and trying out something new and exciting; particularly if you want to come home with countless stories that won’t be the same as every other traveler’s tales.

Georgia is the name of a gateway between the East and the West, a vibrant nation that bridges the gap between Asia and Europe. Georgia is a hidden gem of fascinating Caucasus region with a fabled history that stretches back tens of centuries. From the soaring peaks of Mt. Shkhara to the evergreen forests of Western Georgia,the natural beauty of this nation is on display in any direction you wander.

Some visitors might be looking for picturesque mountain vistas from the peaks of Europe’s highest mountain range, while those looking for a more relaxing journey can sip an endless supply of local vintages; the country is known as the cradle of wine, after all. Georgians have been winemakers for more than 8,000 years, and the unique taste of Georgian wine is due to the traditional clay pots, called Qvevri, in which the wine is made. If you are looking for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience, interacting with the local people of Ushguli, who live in the highest inhabited village in Europe, is something you will never forget.

From ancient ruins to modern luxury, Georgia is truly a cultural and geographic bridge between old and new, and what more can anyone ask for on an unforgettable holiday? How many destinations would allow you to spend one day skiing at mountainous resort (Mestia) and the next day swimming in the temperate sea (for instance Batumi) ?

A trip to Georgia isn’t like traveling to other capitals of culture, art, and beauty throughout Europe and Asia; it is an adventure that make up as you go along, knowing well that in any direction, you will find unique experiences, once-in-a-lifetime chances for exploration, delectable cuisine rarely tasted outside the borders, and legendary Georgian hospitality that will make it almost impossible to leave.

As one of the safest countries in Europe with spectacular weather all year round, not to mention being a country that welcomes nationalities from more than 100 countries with open arms (no visas required), it is no wonder that Georgia is clear choice for your next destination.

Given its biodiversity, numerous balneo-climitc resorts, unique properties of its wine and thalasotherapy as well as abundance of sacred sites, Georgia is your place of Zen, destination for your Mindful Holidays. 

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